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‘And to Your Humours Changing’: Gilbert’s laughter, Sullivan’s tears.

‘The Fly in the Inkwell’: poets visited by insects – De La Mare, Frost, Charles Turner, Hardy.

‘Take a Letter, Miss Smith – Any Letter’: an invented language causes havoc in Havel’s The Memorandum. (see Extracts page)

‘A Pocketful of Yellerboy’: Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker.

‘It’s All Just Pen-pushing, Anyway’: Cosmo Monkhouse, one of the Board of Trade poets.

‘Dos-à-Dos’: the poetry of Sidney Dobell and Ernest Dowson.

‘If You Believe, Clap Your Hands’: Peter Pan – stage directions and sinister clocks.

‘The Admirable Crichton’: the nearly-perfect butler and the nearly-perfect Renaissance hero in Barrie and Urquhart.

‘The Pot, the Flail and the Pen’: two 18th century poets aspiring beyond their station – Mary Leapor and Stephen Duck. (see Extracts page)

‘Calderdale News’: broadsides on crime, including murder at Todmorden Vicarage.

‘Looking for Richard’: some observations on Richard III – Lyly, Mary Pix and Nicholas Rowe.