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‘Imt Imt Imt’: an investigation into Kacirk’s Forgotten English.

‘Name-Dropping for Beginners’: Andrei Kurkov, and murky goings-on in the Ukraine.

‘Much Better Than She Might Be’: Nicholas Rowe’s Tragedy of Jane Shore. (see Extracts page)

‘It Wasn’t All Hirquitalliency’: the fate of Urquhart’s Admirable Crichton.

‘Oyez Oyez Mumble Mumble’: poets as readers of their own verse.

‘Knowing One’s Station’: Roger Frith, and a variation on ‘Adlestrop’.

‘Can Squirrels Learn the Polka’: the literary fame of the learned pig and other sapient beasts.

‘The Perils of Serenity’: A.S.J. Tessimond becomes tiddly.

‘The Electrification of the Cliché’: a few poems by Heine.

‘Warblers of Oz’: Nellie Melba and Henry Lawson as incompatible Australian cultural leaders.

‘Playing Off Handicaps’: Conan Doyle’s ambivalent views on justice. (see Extracts page)

‘There’s Another Word For It’: a tribute to Roget and his Thesaurus.