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‘Why is a Comma Like Grout?’: punctuation miscellanea.

‘The Answer Lies in the Soil’: John Moore of Tewkesbury and grave-diggers.

‘The Friar Who? Experience’: the medieval preacher John Bromyard. (see Extracts page)

‘Does Never-Never Land have an Arts Council?’: Utopia and the Arts in Swift, More and Morris.

‘Happy Valleys’: Hilton’s Shangri-La.

‘Smile, and the World Cuts You Dead’: Alexander Theroux’s experiences in Estonia.

‘Tilting at History’: literature and the quintain.

‘The Feminine Form’: the significance of feminine endings in verse.

‘Measure for Measure’: poets at the boys’ outfitters – U.A. Fanthorpe and Roger Frith.

‘A Prickly View of Poetry’: Maria Edgeworth warns the young against poetic ambition.

‘What did they do before Kleenex?’: Henry Mackenzie and the Cult of Sensibility. (see Extracts page)

‘7-27 And All That’: some observations on Pinter’s The Birthday Party and Aristotle’s Poetics.

‘Knots on the Knout of God’; some aspects of Marlowe’s Tamburlaine.

‘You’d Miss the Irregular Verbs’: invented languages in Urquhart’s The Jewel and de Foigny’s La Terre Australe Inconnue.