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‘Criticism or an open cheque?’: is modesty a virtue in a critic?

‘Ages and Ages’: the Seven Ages of Man – was Jaques in accord with Shakespeare?

‘Hijacking Horace’; the parlour game of translating the Odes.

‘Short Cuts to Parnassus’: the computer as creator in Swift, Dahl, Orwell and Stoppard; randomisation in Ern Malley.

‘Fee-Fo-Fum and the Pestos’: the place of religion in the Utopias of Swift, More and J.F. Bray. (see Extracts page)

‘Where are the Groupies of Yesteryear?’: Thomas Lovell Beddoes and literary societies.

‘Jar-jar and Jaw-jaw’: Maria Edgeworth teaches her juvenile readers a lesson.

‘Always keep a hold of Alma Mater’: the academic seduced by a benefice, as told by Thomas Warton.

‘Enough to Make you Squirm’: links between Professors of Poetry and the worm.

‘Ugly Does as Ugly Is’: the Polyphemus legend in Theocritus, Ovid, Gongora etc. (see Extracts page)

‘Neither having the Accent of Christians’: the speaking of dramatic verse.