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A DeadPan Expression’:  E.B. Browning writes an obituary for Pan, then resuscitates him.

‘’Goths, Pseudo-Goths and Other Vandals’:  unfounded optimism in Northanger Abbey?

‘A Tale of Two Parsons’:  different clerical experiences in Jane Austen and Charles Maturin.

‘A Sprinkle of Vinegar’:  R.S. Thomas and Ralph Hodgson find meaning in birdsong.

‘How Do You Spell That, Mrs S?’:  Spenser woos his wife and frets about Ireland. (see Extracts page)

‘Mother Earth’:  Luke Gernon, Shakespeare and Seamus Heaney see the body as landscape and vice versa.

‘Book Folk, Famous Folk, Trooping All Together’:  William Allingham’s diaries.

‘A Dog’s Life’:  the novelist Ouida, and some canine episodes.

‘Warbling His Native Woodnotes Wild’:  the cult of Pan undergoes a revival. (see Extracts page)

‘Who Needs Proof?’:  a doctor’s religion, and related paradoxes.

‘Polytheistic Paranoia’:  the importance of keeping even minor gods sweet.