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‘Adult Education and the New Utopia’:  Tennyson describes a Workers’ Open Day in ‘The Princess’ (See Extracts Page)


‘Second Class Mail’:   Fictional letters by Alciphron the Sophist.


‘Snail Mail’:   Letter-writing creatures from Robert and Charles Bloomfield’s Bird and Insects’ Post Office


‘He Didn’t Suit Everyone’:   The poetry of Nathaniel Bloomfield the tailor.


‘Tramp and Supertramp’:   Teasing politics from Shaw in Man and Superman.


‘Hounds of the Imagination’:   A fox-hunting sonnet by Charles Turner.


‘Lies, Damned Lies, Scientific Research and Plays’:   Psychologists test human altruism in plays by Stoppard and Peter Shaffer.


‘Leoþcwide’:   Anglo-Saxon influences on Seamus Heaney (See Extracts Page).


‘They Did Like to be Beside the Seaside’:   The rare treat of a holiday, as described by Arnold Bennett and Charles Calverley.


‘Asynartete Octosyllables in Pure Manx’:   The poetic tales of T.E. Brown.


‘The Police – Some Kind of Joke?’:   Taking the comedy out of Dogberry.


‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Agora’:   A 4th century Greek joke book.