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‘A Little of what you Fancy’:  Hamlet, critical pronouncements, and indoor fireworks.


‘Culture for Evangelising Puritans’:  Taking culture to the masses: Michael Bradbury, Liz Lochhead, Hilary Mantel, Edith Wharton, WH Auden, Patrick Kavanagh.


‘Understanding the Everydays’:  Spiritual receptiveness in Patrick Kavanagh’s poetry.


‘Classical Cobblers (and other Street Life)’:  Greek mimes.


‘Sang Froid, Sang Chaud’:  PD James, Death comes to Pemberton, and the art of Jane Austen pastiche. (See Extracts Page)


‘Whale or Warhead’:  Literary snapshots of the Isle of Raasay: Samuel Johnson and Sorley MacLean.


‘Save on Child-Care: Find some Bulrushes’:  Some titbits from the New Comedy of Menander.


‘The Upside-down Umbrella’:  Observations on Dennis Potter’s Pennies from Heaven.


‘Shrugging off the Shroud’:  Coming back from the Dead: Alcestis, Lazarus etc. (See Extracts Page)


‘Would it were Day’:  Images of light in the poetry of Henry Vaughan.