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‘Bewitched’:  Empathising with Allen Raine’s Welsh witch.


‘Woolgatherings from the Sheep’s Head’:  Writers with Sheep’s Head Peninsula connections – a graduate of the Bardic School, Denis Cronin, JG Farrell.


‘A Concatenation of Coincidences’:  The landlady as ogress – Polnay, Pinter, Orton and Dahl.


‘Running with the Wolves’:  Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall.   (See Extracts Page)


‘Kissing Carrion’;  Some observations on Hamlet.


‘An Ideal Travesty’;  An adaptation or betrayal of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband.


‘Have You Thought of a Gardening Book, Mr Milton?’:  Sylvia Plath tries her hand at magazine fiction.


‘Domesticating the Demon’:  A tale of adultery and diabolism descends from ballad to broadside.  (See Extracts Page)


‘Going Nowhere’:  Ultimate series in mathematics and life.


‘A Drama Queen in the Theatre of Life’;  The life and work of Ann of Swansea.


‘Giving them Hell’:  The satirical poetry of Evan Lloyd.


‘But We Won a Best-kept Village Competition’:  Richard Fenton travels through Mid-Wales.


‘Coriolana and Volumnius’:  The industry of theatrical travesties of Shakespeare.


‘A Clutch of Pebbles to Brood upon’:  Kate Miller and Seamus Heaney dig down for inspiration.


‘All Things Counter and Original’:  David Jones and ‘The Tutelar of the Place’.