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'Resisting everything except temptation':  devils visiting the Earth. (see Extracts page)
'Every home should have one';  phonographs and gramophones in literature.
'Mad as the proverbial':  Eliot's early unpublished poetry.  (see Extracts page)

'Seek and ye might find (alas):  children's parties, delightful and nightmarish.
'Charming the birds from the trees':  more modern versions of Orpheus and Eurydice.
'If 'Ifs' and 'Ands' ':  topsy-turvy suppositions by e.e. cummings and others.
'How many eggs in the pudding?':  can imagery become excessive - Judy Corbet's 'Envy'.
'Are there cucumber sandwiches in Heaven?':  Praxilla defended by Michael Longley from the charge of bathos.
'Flete canem':  classical canine epitaphs.