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'Hannah':  Hannah More and the Cheap Repository Tracts.
'John':  John Moore and 'Zeluco'.  (see Extracts page)
'Sir John':  A Pyrrhic victory at Corunna, celebrated by Charles Wolfe.
'Nicholas':  How Nicholas Moore translated Baudelaire thirty-one times.
'Thomas Sturge':  Early poems by Thomas Sturge Moore, and a selection of his children's verse.  (see Extracts page)

'Marianne':  Marianne Moore and the art of American patchwork poetry; observations of ostriches.
'George': Adultery with theatricals in George Moore's 'The Mummer's Wife'.
'Tom':  Translating Anacreontics; Tom Moore's description of the Fudge Family in Paris; an incongruous burial place.
'Edward':  Edward Moore entertains rowdy 18th century audiences with 'The Gamester' and 'The Foundling'.
'Saint Thomas':  Thomas More's 'A Dialogue of Comfort'; biographical sketches by Hilary Mantel, Robert Bolt, William Roper, Anthony Munday.
'Julia':  A selection of effusions by the Sweet Singer of Michigan.
'Brian':  Doctrinal and temperamental clashes in Brian Moore's 'Catholics'.
'Christy':  Christy Moore - a troubadour of our times.
'Henry':  Henry More and the Pre-existency of the Soul.
'Edwin':  Poems of love and journeying by Edwin Muir; Willa Muir and the ballad, 'Young Beichan'.