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‘A Voice in the Wilderness’: an introduction to George Borrow’s Wild Wales; the story of Davy Gam.

‘The Gamut of Emotion’: can one analyse the emotional effect of music? – Alan Bennett, E.M. Forster and Jack Buchanan.

‘Tips for Fledgling Bards’: a tentative investigation of the Welsh poetic form, the englyn.

‘What Dramatists Found in the Underdowne’: a Greek novel by Heliodorus in translation; its impact on Elizabethan dramatists.

‘Riding the Tiger’: narrative trickery in Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

‘Split Personalities’: the battle between soul and body – Andrew Marvell, W.B. Yeats and Margaret Atwood. (see Extracts page)

‘In a Byzantine Garden Centre’: the golden bird, and escape from a mundane world – The Achilleis, W.B. Yeats and Thomas Nashe.

‘Smart as Paint and so Forth’: seeing humanity from a distance – Tom Stoppard, Lucretius, Samuel Johnson and James Hervey.

‘More Men than Sheep’: some aspects of Yorkshire life – Camden’s Britannia and Thomas Fuller’s The Worthies of England.

‘A Holiday Romance’: an intriguing clash of cultures in the Orkneyinga Saga and the poems of George Mackay Brown. (see Extracts page)

‘Mr Bluebeard? It’s the Locksmith here’: the tale of Mister Fox, and how it links Shakespeare, Dante, Chaucer, Edmund Spenser and Bob & Carole Pegg.

‘School Poetry Crisis Probe’: readers comment.