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‘Verbal Embranglements’: inkhorn terms come under fire.

‘But is it Art?’: the relationship between great art and technical difficulty.

'Here Be Dragons': St George, Beowulf and others give a poor reptile no peace.

'If The Huns Don't Get you ...': the poetry of 'Woodbine Willie'. (see Extracts page)

'Lucky Dip': St Winefride and her shrine, commemorated by Thomas Gent, Hopkins and Celia Fiennes.

'Ripe and Unripe the Reaper Reaps': Ben Jonson and Statius lament the death of a child.

‘Or Would Sir Prefer the Sirloin?': pressurised widows spring surprises; tureens with secrets.

'His Delights were Dolphin-like': moral ambiguities in Shakespeare's King John.

'Des Res Requiring Refurbishment': literary ideal homes, including fantasies by Leigh Hunt, Samuel Rogers, Clare and Fielding. (see Extracts page)