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‘Queen's Pawn Gambit': embellishment, borrowing or plagiarism? Roald Dahl steals an idea from a naughty scandal.

'All the Same in the Dark': the bed-trick in Shakespeare, Middleton, Aphra Behn, Malory and Roald Dahl.

'Is Formicide Still on your Garden Centre Shopping List?': ants come to the gallant rescue in Apuleius's The Golden Ass.

'Twill or Twon't': do literary critics understand country matters? (by Robert Parry)

'A Domestic Science Lesson': Ray Bradbury's sci-fi predictions begin to come true.

'Cuckoo-talk': daft or shrewd, mocking or cheery, the cuckoo echoes through literature.

'He's Behind Yer': the curriculum vitae of a busy demon. (see Extracts page)

'Virtuous Circle': what do the gods want and need from us mortals?

'Follow the Arrows': Apollo the archer, and the challenge of Eros to his pre-eminence.

'The Importance of Good Grooming': discussion of Housman's poem, 'The Oracles'.

'An Outbreak of German Bight': U.A. Fanthorpe and Carol Ann Duffy tune in to the shipping forecast.

'Hello Sky Hello Trees': a match-making hint offered to P.G. Wodehouse. (see Extracts page)

'Headhunting': beheading and its effects, as observed by Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare and Roald Dahl.